20 People Who Can Adapt to Any Situation

Comfort is extremely important, and no one will deny this fact. But sometimes our urge to feel comfy makes us use weird methods and sacrifice things. And it’s great if we can manage to control our common sense and not let our imagination run too wild: in some cases, our decisions make our lives much easier.

Bright Side has a pile of photos of people who used a really creative approach to feel comfortable. There’s also a bonus in the end proving that it’s not just human beings that can take care of themselves.

20. These high heels are more comfortable than you think.

19. “My graphic design teacher’s desk is made from old Apple computers.”

18. “My coworker uses a gas mask when he cuts onions.”

17. A creative way to ask for tips

16. Use sandals with reverse soles to confuse your stalkers!

15. “I hate signing yearbooks for students, so I had a rubber stamp made.”

14. A useful tattoo

13. A nice break after a tough working day...

12. How to barbeque by the river:

11. When your arms are short:

10. When you want it to feel like home:


9. “I can’t believe it took me so long to think of this! A sharpie and a pair of scissors later, and my too-long bath mat is perfect!”

8. No one will stop you from having a break! Even if it’s a war.

7. Going on a run or a walk with no pockets? Hook any keys you need onto the back of a hat!

6. High expectations for comfort

5. “My friend’s ’one flash card of notes’ she was allowed on her test.”

4. Teamwork

3. “A system that prevents problems with toddlers”

2. Disarmed

1. How do you wash your carpets?

Bonus: “We’re trying to teach our cat to stay off the coffee table. This is his response.”

Do you know people who can adapt to any changes?

Preview photo credit Diletantik / pikabu

Credit to :brightside.me