16 Cool Designer Pieces That Made Us Go “I Want One”

Designers are immensely creative. From glasses you can’t turn over, to amazing lamps, to wine labels — designers can make these things in such an unusual way, that you’ll be shocked when you see them. We became really interested in some of them and at the end of the article, there is something really cute for you.

We at Bright Side love creativity, so we’ve collected 16 beautiful examples of creative design.

Floating plastic wine glasses that are only $2.49

Very unusual puzzles from Nervous System

Grapevines are used to draw every label for the Domènech.Vidal wine brand using the wind.

This is only for the hottest dogs.

A cool stand for your Apple Watch from Elago Design

Cat bag

Furniture collection for true Star Wars fans

The most loyal lamps from Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

A great vintage acoustic system


A crab-like blanket for the bravest people

A lamp for those who love nature

A very cute cup

A razor called The Silk Razor from Guoyin Li has an innovative design.

A wooden tray from 24d-studio

Air armchair from Artur de Menezes

A catshelf

Bonus: Cute knitted hats for calves (they save their tiny ears from the cold)

Which of these things would you definitely buy without even thinking?

Preview photo credit aldi