Creative people What is his map of the countries?

Believe that many People must have experienced seeing the clouds in various shapes. As we imagine This phenomenon is called the Pareidolia (Pareidolia), which is a natural phenomenon of the mind that affects the brain. Makes us see things Become another thing that overlaps Which this phenomenon does not just happen to look at the clouds alone But it includes everything you see around you as well

Then if we look "Thailand map" Of course, most Thai people will see it as "ax shape". What about other countries? Today, Petchaya would like to introduce everyone to Zackabier, the youngest German number who has a fantastic imagination. Has revealed that He looked at the map of various countries. What are the photos in Europe? Let's see how much we see or look different from him.

1. Croatia is a dragon shape

2. Bulgaria is a cat figure

3. Finland is a whale shape

4. France is an owl

5. Italy is a human legs, wearing boots

6. Great Britain is a dragon

7. Denmark is a batman fish and a mermaid.

8. Poland is a monkey

9. Russia is the shape of a pig's butt and crap cubes.

10. Georgia is a platypus.


11. Norway is a kind of figure ... Is that what we think?

12. Portugal is a worm

13. Czech Republic is a squirrel

14. Germany is a sea spirit

15. Romania is a cartoon fish (Dory?)

16. San Marino is a mole shape.

17. Spanish is a hand

18. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a spacecraft

19. Austria is a slug

20. Montenegro is a stegosaurus dinosaur.