20+ Things From Designers Whose Names Should Go Into History

Designers are people with a special way of thinking that often inspires them to create crazy and weird things. However, this doesn’t relate to the characters of our compilation — they have invented many useful things that are worth a lot of hype.

We at Bright Side have already put some of the following 20+ items onto our wishlists and we want to give a big thank you to those who created them.

This refrigerator has revolving levels so you can reach everything easily.

A wheelchair accessible swing

Street murals that come to life when it rains

This device helps to wash windows from both sides, even on high floors.

A useful Aladdin lamp-shaped bottle nozzle

Modular touch wall lighting that helps create various shapes on the wall with the help of light

Compact shoe racks

A drone chair alternative to a wheelchair

A book that allows you to see what chapter you’re reading

The functional design of this rug and table combo

An egg box that can be used as a holder


This bench has solar panels to charge your phone.

Glasses that allow you to adjust the lenses to your unique level of vision

The perfect way to brighten up a fracture

A sofa with playing space for cats

Not hi-tech, but very practical: toilet paper rolls that come with a travel roll instead of a cardboard tube

A socket that solves the problem of long, dangling wires

Reversible seat backs on a tram

When the competent curvature of lines turns one thing into a multifunctional interior item:

A keychain with a soothing bubble wrap effect

When it’s more than just a bangle...much more!

Bonus: a bag for people to kiss under when they’re in love

Which of these inventions impressed you most? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit SAIC / Project Monsoon